Drug manufacturing enterprises have always been labor-intensive representatives in the past, especially in the packaging of drugs. With the gradual increase of labor costs, pharmaceutical manufacturers urgently need to upgrade equipment technology and replace operators with advanced automatic control systems. Facing the brilliance created by advanced control concepts in industry I, the automation trend of pharmaceutical equipment is irresistible.

At present, the equipment automation of pharmaceutical enterprises is getting higher and higher, and a number of advanced control concepts have emerged, such as dry/wet granulator rotary tablet press, high-efficiency coating machine, automatic rubber filling machine, packaging line and so on. The improvement of automation of pharmaceutical equipment not only effectively saves production costs, but also facilitates the rapid production of new drugs. It can not only adjust output to meet market demand, but also make full use of raw materials to save energy and resources consumption. It not only effectively promotes enterprises to get rid of backward production capacity to modernize, but also actively adjusts corresponding industrial structure in line with the trend of the times. Whole. The application of automation technology in pharmaceutical equipment is once and for all, and it is of great benefit to study automation technology for production in the contemporary era.

The transformation of pharmaceutical manufacturing enterprises is bound to follow the direction of industrial restructuring, and technology-intensive is exactly what enterprises need, and the input of scientific and technological forces will become a new growth pole of enterprise profits. Today, with the deepening of human cost, automation technology has brought dawn for enterprises to get rid of the situation of increasing production costs. Automation technology is moving towards the trend of unmanned production, and the research wave of automation is bound to surpass the wave. Manufacturers of pharmaceutical equipment have already integrated advanced automation concepts into the development and trial of new products, which is essential to improve the quality of drugs and the potential health and safety hazards in the pharmaceutical production process. The research and Discussion on automation of pharmaceutical equipment will continue.

With the rapid development of contemporary pharmaceutical equipment, scientific and technological innovations have been applied to pharmaceutical equipment to make it more automated and humanized. The technical core of pharmaceutical equipment automation is mainly embodied in the advanced control system. It mainly includes the main control system, power control, precise positioning technology, and humanized operation mode.

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